Abercrombie and Associates Limited is an independent professional company specialising in Property Consultancy Services. It is reputable and well established.

To preserve the commitment to excellence, attendances on clients are executed in such a manner as would justify being further entrusted with similar undertakings. The capability profile is one where an objective service is provided including that of completing specialist projects consistently and reliably. Exacting standards are applied to every project undertaken.


The mission of the company is:

"To provide the optimum consultancy services through the application of personal integrity, professional techniques and management procedures."

Independent status is the catalyst to perform with impartiality. However, the available service does provide support from other allied professionals that can be used to advantage to provide a single-source point of contact.

Use our services when you require a professional providing:

  • High level of experience and property expertise in working with a diverse range of projects
  • Tailored service
  • Quality assurance programming
  • Regardless of the required responsibility, a strong emphasis of understanding client's needs
  • Solutions focused
  • A cost containment program
  • Integrated service

Single communication source whether to resolve a complex asset management problem or requiring specialist short-term assistance to satisfy a property related issue.